Innovations that enabled MF TECH to place the world leader :

Process MF 1: Standard winding

Conventional winding process, generally used for winding between 2 and 6 axes.
Applicable for robots at one or multiple levels. This process is easy to use and is suitable for wet winding or pre-impregnation.

Enroulement standard

Process MF 2: With attachment

This innovation offers a high level of autonomous production and leads to a sharp decrease in automation costs.

Process 2 vengasco

Our filament winding robots are programmable via ComposiCAD from SS&A, Cadwind, Cadfil

The use of robots makes it simpler to adapt our machines to other process technologies:

Process MF 3 :

For typical production of pressure tanks with flexible or semi-rigid liners, MFTECH has developed this single or multi-level attachment technology.

Machine de placement de fibre

Process MF 4 :

A new MFTECH innovation for 2020. To facilitate and reduce the fibre impregnation and winding zones, these two stations remain stationary while the mandrel moves. The fibre can thus be processed and unwound with the utmost attention to quality, eliminating the wave phenomena encountered during the production of large parts.