Dear Customers, Suppliers and Friends,

Some news from MFTECH during this highly critical period of the global Covid-19 pandemic: here at Argentan we are incredibly lucky to only be very slightly affected by the virus – the government has therefore placed us in the Green Zone.

MFTECH has obviously taken all the necessary safety measures in order to protect all its personnel from any internal infection. Our flexibility and the size of our premises mean that social distancing has been very easy for our various teams to implement.

So we are continuing to produce our filament winding robots and our composite tubes, and our R&D is as active as ever.

Our customer projects are continuing to be received at our production units and are being processed with a brand new organisational structure.

At the height of the crisis we have maintained the trust of our customers by gaining new orders in France, Europe and, evidently, the rest of the world, notably in Asia.

So, dear friends, more than ever, all the MFTECH teams are at their posts to provide you with the support you need for all your ongoing and future projects.

We look forward to the next joint adventure in the very near future.