Canoë Kayak

Since its founding in 2004, MF TECH has maintained close relationships with all those who practice this discipline, from top champions to enthusiastic amateurs.
High quality shafts to enhance your enjoyment on the water.
Our objectives:
– Manufacturing precision to meet the requirements of all participants in the sport
– Construction of durable shafts which retain their properties of strength, flexibility and robustness
– Creation of homogeneous shafts. We use high-quality pre-impregnated fiber to drive the robotics using computer-controlled processes
– Weight optimisation. We optimise our filament winding software in order to exploit the particular characteristics of the fiber. MF TECH shafts therefore have very specific properties enabling you to practice your sport with comfort and ease.

Our comprehensive range meets the needs of the wide array of participants in the sport.

Internally, we are continuing to develop new models of ever higher performance to cater for your future demands.

Benjamin Hortolan, your dedicated MFTECH specialist, will answer any questions you may have. Contact him via e-mail:

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